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Would you like a special tribute to your beloved companion? This can be a timeless sculpture to capture the character and spirit of the living pets in your life, otherwise I can create a very special memorial sculpture, or custom urn to honour the pets who have passed away.

I am happy to sculpt dogs and cats but also large and small animals too. All I need are photos of your pet from as many different angles as possible, along with a clear headshot. However if it is at all possible I would like to meet you and your pet, so as to take my own pictures and get a sense of his/her character & quirks.  

If you would like, I can involve you in the making of your piece with updates and pictures of the making process. Typically, commissions take to complete 4-6 weeks to complete. please note-Its sometimes difficult to get a perfect colour match.

Pricing is typically between £150 and £350-Please contact me to discuss a quote for your commission.

Email or call me 07525635612. Please note that all commissions require a 25% deposit. Thanks!


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